Hose & Cable Protection

Rubber Cable Protector
Made of Black Rubber Base and Yellow Plastic Flap with 20Tons Weight Cavities, cost economical for protecting Cables.

Light Duty PU Cable Protector
Made of Black PU Base and Yellow Plastic Flap with only 12 – 20Tons Weight Bearing Capacity similar to Rubber ones, but has much longer service lift than rubber ones.

Heavy Duty PU Cable Protector
Made of Orange PU Base and Yellow Plastic Flap with 40Tons Weight Bearing Capacity, Extreme Heavy Duty but lighter weight than Rubber.

AMS Systems
The AMS cable protector system is a best solution for cable and hose protection in road safety and other large-scale events.

Drop Over Cable Cover
Perfect for light use in places such as offices, homes, small businesses and wherever there are idle cords lying around that need to be guarded from heavy foot traffic and general purpose carts.

Cord Protector
Prevent tripping accidents, and provide cable protection by using cord covers. There are 3 different sizes to accommodate a wide range of wires and cables, these cord protectors feature a slit underside for easy cable installation.

Fabric Cable Cover
Fabric Cable Cover is a cost effective, lightweight simple solution for covering cords and cables on loop pile carpet and rugs.

Floor Cable Duct
Cord cover has a removable cover for wire access, Self adhesive backing for easy installation,Paintable PVC so as to blend into background color


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