Heavy Duty 3-Channel PU Cable Protector

Heavy Duty 3-Channel PU Cable Protector (1)

PU Cable Protector are widely used in temporary buildings and sites based on (especially the stage, concerts, large-scale theatrical performances, product exhibitions, trade fairs, all kinds of celebration activities, etc. ) and structured cabling system, product assembly easy and flexible.
PU Cable Protector three individual channels (two extra wide) will protect pipes, conduit or a variety of sizes and quantities of wires up to 1.56 inches in diameter

Protect valuable electrical cables and minimize tripping hazards at amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, or national parks

Manufactured from polyurethane (UV stabilized) to ensure years of use in all kinds of weather

10,500 lbs/tire (21,000 lbs/axle) load capacity will ensure zero damage even with heavy vehicle or pedestrian traffic

Model No Length Width Height Channel Width Channel Height Weight Color
DH-PCP-4 900mm 550mm 75mm 65mm 42mm 12.0kg Yellow Flap
Orange Ramp