In the International industry that is changing fast every day, we has been continually revising our products design & materials composition to keep a favorable position.

At Eastsea Rubber, we have been studying how to improve Speed Hump Strength and longer Service Life , you may did not see Steel Molded Rubber Speed Hump , White Rubber Molded Pedestrian Crossing, Yellow EPDM Rubber Embedded Speed Hump, Lane Separator Systems .

In Some Area, we noticed plastic has much better performance than rubber, that was why we founded the company – BestSea Tech which is recognized for its emphasis on R&D of PVC and Polyurethane [PU] materials.

At Bestsea Tech, we has been improving the Traffic Cone Strength, Cold resistance, colour fastness and Rebound Resilience. Also Make Polyurethane [PU] Cable Protector has Double Bearing Capacity and Tens Times Longer Service Life.

In additionally, we had been creating New Products – Portable PU Speed Hump, PU Rumble Strips, PU Flexible Delineator Post / Panel.

Besides Researching and Developing , we are applying patents for these New Products for protecting our design is unique.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to contact us for jointly development.