1981, Mr. Wu XiaoSong started business in Rubber Belt Industry as First businessmen after great reform and opening.

1985, Mr. Wu XiaoSong founded a factory – Eastsea Rubber and started to make V-belt.

1990, Eastsea Rubber Started to Make Railway Track Pad.

2000, Mr. Wu XiaoSong decided to close all production lines of V-belt and Railway Track Pad. And Started Business in Traffic Safety Industry.

2002, Eastsea Rubber build a new factory in current place.

2006, Eastsea Rubber received 1st Speed Hump Foreign orders from US.

2008, Eastsea Rubber started to develop and producing PVC Traffic Cone according to US standard.

2011, Founded Bestsea Tech for expanding production lines in Injection, Blowing, Extrution and More Area.

2012, Bestsea Tech buy a 25,000 SQM New Land for building New Workshops and Expand Plastic Production Line.