Small Type Heavy Duty PU 2-Channel Cable Protector

Small Type Heavy Duty PU 2-Channel Cable Protector (1)

Channel Cable Protector are an invaluable tool for construction sites. Bailey-Parks worked with a local utility provider to create durable cable protectors for electrical cabling and wires to protect against heavy machinery and construction traffic. Like many of our polyurethane products, a rubber cable protector from is built to last. Our rubber cable protector units can be easily interlocked for an almost unlimited length of cable protection against the heaviest road or construction site traffic.

Free standing (not fastened or anchored) for rough service.

Excellent wear resistance, resilience and heavy load capacity.

Excellent flame retardant properties.

Electrical insulation properties.

Corrosion resistance (oil, chemicals, etc. ).

Model No Length Width Height Channel Width Channel Height Weight Color Loading Capacity
DH-PCP-5B 1000mm 250mm 45mm 32mm 32mm 5.0kg Yellow Flap
Orange Ramp
40 Tons