Heavy Duty 5-Channel PU Cable Protector

Heavy Duty 5-Channel PU Cable Protector (1)

5-PU Cable Protector Designed for Industrial environments and construction sites where extra heavy duty cable protection is required due to constant heavy truck and vehicle traffic.5-PU Cable Protector Heavy Cable Protector Excellent wear resistance, resilience and heavy load capacity Excellent flame resistance Electrical insulation properties.
Perfect solution for temporary events such as fairs, conventions, and trade shows;

Safety warning symbols molded into lid surface, with universal safety colors for high visibility;

Recessed Carrying Handle allows for moving with ease;

Easy to interlock Highly visible color Non-conductive construction;

Heavy duty Dog-Bone connector interlocks modular sections.

Model No Length Width Height Channel Width Channel Height Weight Color
DH-PCP-2 900mm 500mm 55mm 42mm 42mm 10.0kg Yellow Flap
Orange Ramp