2-Channel Drop Over

2-Channel Drop Over (3)

Cable Protectors When you have runs of wires and cables which will see frequent foot traffic, it is imperative that these lines be covered. From within a classroom, factory, theater, gymnasium etc, cables become definite tripping hazards, but thanks to the Medium Duty Two Channel Drop Over Cable Cover, you will be able to completely protect those people and cords.

All weather polyurethane construction for moderate load capacity.
For lightweight vehicles and pedestrian traffic.
These low profile protectors are compact for easy setup, disassembly, and storage.
Heavy duty L-shaped connector interlocks modular sections.
Lightweight, modular design for easy setup, disassembly, and storage.
Safety warning symbols molded into protector surface.
Connect alternating colors to enhance visual warning.

Model No Length Width Height Channel Weight Color
DH-CR-5 1000mm 300mm 50mm 37x37mm 9.0kg Black