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The Work Zone


The Work Zone
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The work zone is the distance between the first advance warning sign and the point beyond the work area where traffic is no longer affected. ▪ Advance warning area tells traffic what to expect ahead. ▪ Transition area moves traffic out of its normal path. ▪ The Activity area ... Read More
February 26, 2021admin
Australia Standard


A Standard Traffic Cone In South AuatraliaA traffic cone is hollow cone of fluorescent red or fluorescent orange material that is resilient to impact and will not damage vehicles when hit at low speed according AS 1742.3, Section 3.9.1. Traffic cones are used to ... Read More
September 23, 2020admin
Work Zone Traffic Control


Introduction The purpose of work zone traffic control is to provide a safe work area for workers within the roadway, while facilitating the safe and orderly flow of all road users (motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians including persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) ... Read More
August 4, 2020admin
Traffic Safety


Introduction The 2019 Traffic Safety Culture Index reveals that drivers in the United States value travelling safely and seek strengthening laws that ensure safer roads. They perceive distracted, drowsy, aggressive, and impaired driving as dangerous. This year’s survey, however, continues to highlight the discordance between drivers’ attitudes and their ... Read More
July 17, 2020admin
EU customs legislation Study underway to examine integration of REACH


The European Commission has tasked consultancy Deloitte to conduct a study to see how the integration of REACH aspects into EU customs legislation and procedures can be strengthened. The study aims to identify short- and mid-term solutions for improving the current customs import processes and procedures to ensure ... Read More
April 6, 2020admin


The eligibility criteria for product submissions to the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel has changed, effective 23 April 2018. Stan Robb, Chair of the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel ... Read More
May 5, 2018admin