Yellow Steel Tire Killer

Yellow Steel Tire Killer -2

The steel tire killer is often used in some strict traffic control area, where need to be blocked and controlled the vehicle enter or exit. Such as government location, police station, military base and some important parking area. Tips: Spike is very dangerous to human and car. Please be caution while the spike barricade is being used.

High Visible yellow color makes it easily to be seen on dark night.

Anti skid surface & proper height control and prevent the vehicle from over speed.

Semi-automatic teeth is very easy to operate.

Loading capacity around 20 tons. Service life over 5 years.

The dimension can be unlimited increase by adding middle sections, assembling & installing procedure is easy and simple.

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Model No Part Length Width Height Weight
DH-SP-TK-1M Middle 1000mm 385mm 50mm 21kg/pc
DH-SP-TK-1EM End Cap 270mm 385mm 50mm 3.2kg/pair
DH-SP-TK-1E End Cap 270mm 385mm 50mm 3.2kg/pair
DH-SP-TK-2M Middle 500mm 400mm 75mm 18kg/pc
DH-SP-TK-2E End 200mm 400mm 75mm 5kg/pair