Truck Wheel Stop

Truck Wheel Stop (1)

Wheel Stop The ideal solution to control parking and protect pedestrian areas in factories, warehouses and car parks. Wheel Stop High Visibility Rubber Wheel Stops will assist you in managing your car parking facility and improve general safety. Wheel stops may are generally used where it is considered necessary to limit the travel of a vehicle into a parking space.

Colors : Mixture of black and yellow

Execllent to recognize by color by diagonal lines

Minimizes impact due to wide area of contact with wheel

Strong against erosion and corrosion

Even quality and external view due to injection product.

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Model No Length Width Height Weight Reflector Color
DH-PB-7 550mm 150mm 150mm 9.5kg Bead Tape Black/Yellow
DH-PB-12 1830mm 150mm 150mm/td>

25kg Bead Tape Black/Yellow