Traffic Cone with Full 3M Collar

Traffic Cone with Full 3M Collar-2

The Traffic Cone with Full 3M Collar could be twisted and pressed in 180 degrees. It could also reinstate when you make its top touch the floor, with high flexibility against the run over and impact of the cars. Because of good weather resistance, it won’t deform in high temperature 65°C and crazed in low temperature -30°C.

Anti-UV,fading resistant and no ageing.
Fluorescent orange,high visibility.
High intensity reflective stripe,High visibility.
Reasonable design,the cone can be stacked one by one.

Model No Height Base Width Weight Feature
DH-TC-75N 750mm 390mm 4.0kg Standard Body
DH-TC-75R2 750mm 400mm 4.2kg Standard Body