Traffic Cone Topper [3 Meter]

Traffic Cone Topper [3 Meter]-2

This cone retractable topper safety barrier saves you both space and cones.The traffic cone topper extends out to 5m with a 75mm high red and white striped safety band.It features four sided connections for cordoning off a restricted area or building a temporary barrier.

Available in Yellow & Black and Orange & White 5CM Width Tapes.
Measuring 50MM width and 3 Meter Length Red and White diagonal stripes belt and is conveniently designed to fit over most standard traffic cones.
With its 4 way connectivity, it is easy to use and proves to be a quick and effective way to restrict access.

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Model No Total Height Topper Diameter Weight Shell Color Tape Color
DH-TOP-1R 250MM 90MM 0.25Kg Red Red / White
DH-TOP-1Y 250MM 90MM 0.25Kg Yellow Yellow / Black