Threshold Ramp

Threshold Ramp (3)

Easily wheel over thresholds with an EZ Edge threshold ramp. The kerb ramp beveled sides allow you to approach thresholds at any angle providing you with a safe and smooth transition each time. Versatile rubber design quickly adjusts to accommodate the height of the step or door jamb involved – ideal for wheelchair access to homes or businesses.

Threshold Ramp with durable rubber construction
Beveled sides provide smooth transition
Great for indoor or outdoor use and homes or businesses
Widths starting at 900MM – 1100MM
Heights available from 25 – 102MM

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Comes in 1 piece Sigle Piece.

Model No Length Width Height Weight Color
DH-TR-1 1100mm 210mm 25mm 5.0Kg Black
DH-TR-2 1100mm 320mm 38mm 9.0Kg Black
DH-TR-3 1100mm 420mm 50mm 14Kg Black
DH-TR-4 1100mm 420mm 65mm 16Kg Black
DH-TR-5 900mm 460mm 76mm 17Kg Black
DH-TR-6 900mm 530mm 89mm 21Kg Black
DH-TR-7 900mm 610mm 102mm 27Kg Black
DH-TR-8 900mm 60mm 10mm 1.6Kg Black
DH-TR-9 900mm 120mm 20mm 5Kg Black