T-Top Delineator Post

T-Top Delineator Post-2

The Plastic Delineator Post is constructed of low-density polyethylene with support rings around the reflective bands for added protection.

Standard with molded lower handhold grip;

Convenient T-top carry handle and molded in bolt hole for flashing light;

Improved recesses create a deeper area for reflective bands;

Stronger ribs provide maximum band protection.

Low-density polyethylene post, octagonal recycled solid rubber base, tough, sturdy and stability, control crowds and direct traffic around dangerous area, constructions sites, sporting events, and more;

With 25cm/2x10cm reflective collar increases visibility;

Mark hazardous areas to prevent accidents and set up safe traffic lanes;

Two pieces design, base and post by slip over, is simple and convenient.

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Model No Height Base Width Post Diameter Reflex Tape Total Weight
DH-GC-1 1150mm 400mm 100mm 1x250mm or 2x100mm 7.0kg
DH-GC-1B 1150mm 400mm 100mm 1x250mm or 2x100mm 9.0kg