60CM Stackable Water Barrier


Since our water-filled barrier is constructed with high-quality Polyethylene plastic, the hollow construction is perfect for any construction site. The water-filled barrier is lightweight when empty but provides excellent stability and energy absorption when filled with water.

As we know that your construction project demands the best equipment, we have designed our barriers to be highly durable and resistant to splitting, cracking, and deterioration even in inclement weather.

● These stackable water-filled barriers are made from UV-resistant polyethylene material;

● Available in orange, white, red, yellow, green, blue and other custom made color;

● Can be either applied for temporary road control work or permanent traffic division;

● Stackable design easily for storage and long time transportation;

● Mainly used at the entrance of the highway, the crossing of the roads and toll station to warn the drivers.

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Model No Length Height Connecting Piece Bottom Width Weight Water Capacity
DH-SWB-1 925mm 600mm 358mm 360mm 6.0kg 200kg