SpringBack Delineator Panel

SpringBack Delineator Panel-2

Two-part SpringBack Delineator Panel
Top section made of Injection-moulded high impact plastic (ABS)
Rebounding support from shape flex boot, detachable
Restores to upright position, if struck by a vehicle
Recessed sheeting area
Sloped sheeting, on one side or on both sides
Two Reflective Sheeting: Class 1, EG or Class 2, HI
Also available with any color or printing sheeting
Handle on top

Vertical panel barricades consist of durable ABS and recycled rubber bases
For transportation and storage, both panels and bases can be easily separated and stacked
The panel face is recessed to minimize abrasions and scratches to the expansive reflective sheeting
It has a molded-in top handle

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Model No Base Length Base Width Base Thickness Panel Height Panel Width Total Weight
DH-TS-5LFB1 350mm 320mm 100mm 750mm 150mm 7.0kg
DH-TS-4LFB2 600mm 320mm 100mm 900mm 250mm 14kg