Speed Table

Speed Table-2

Speed table is the ideal solution for roads with specific residential speed limits. the speed table can be customized to any length and the width of your roads.

Made of durable vulcanized rubber.
– Anti-slip surface.
– Glass-bead retro-reflective films for increased visibility.
– Yellow EPDM Rubber molded for longer service life.

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Model No Dimension Parts Weight Accessories
DH-RST-1[6X3] 6Meter X 3Meter 20 x Black Middle
20 x White Middle
28 x End Cap
4 x Corner Piece
1100kg “I” Connector
Screws Caps
DH-RST-1[7X4] 7Meter X 4Meter 42 x Black Middle
42 x White Middle
40 x End Cap
4 x Corner Piece
1880kg “I” Connector
Screws Caps