Speed Cushion

Speed Cushion-2

Speed Cushion embedded reflective material increases visibility and safety in day or night.
Channeled bottom provides drainage and protects wires, cable or pipe.
All-weather resistance, easy maintenance: will not warp, chip, crack, crumble or corrode.
Extremely durable: tough enough for heavy traffic.
Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light, oils, moisture and damage.
Flexible: conforms to road curvature and any asphalt or concrete surface.
Easy to remove and relocate, for temporary or permanent installation.
Easy, one-person installation with basic tools. Installs securely with the provided installation tool.
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Model No Total Length Total Width Height Total Weight
DH-SP-4[2M] 2000mm 1800mm 75mm 200kg
DH-SP-4[3M] 3000mm 1800mm 65mm 280kg