Solid Orange Traffic Cone

Solid Orange Traffic Cone-2

The features of Solid Orange Traffic Cone :
Long-lasting brilliant fluorescent orange color provides high visibility.

Ultraviolet stabilized color provides maximum resistance to fading.

A high-density base creates a low center of gravity for maximum stability. Engineered to meet MUTCD specifications.

We offer different sizes and reflective collars are available.

Model No Height[mm] Base Width Cone Diameter Weight Reflective Tape
DH-TC-30R 300mm 220mm 140mm 0.6kg 100MM Reflex
DH-TC-45R 450mm 280mm 190mm 1.1kg 150mm Reflex
DH-TC-45RB 450mm 280mm 190mm 1.4kg 150mm Reflex
DH-TC-70RL 710mm 360mm 260mm 2.1kg 150mm+100mm Reflex
DH-TC-70R 710mm 360mm 260mm 2.3kg 150mm+100mm Reflex
DH-TC-70RB 710mm 360mm 260mm 3.0kg 150mm+100mm Reflex
DH-TC-90WR 910mm 360mm 260mm 4.0kg 150mm+100mm Reflex
DH-TC-90WRB 910mm 360mm 260mm 4.5kg 150mm+100mm Reflex