Rubber Pedestrian Crossing

Rubber Pedestrian Crossing-2

The Rubber Pedestrian Crossing will make the high-speed vehicles jump up, giving drivers an uncomfortable experience: this characteristic of Pedestrian Safety Crossing is aimed at pushing the drivers to limit vehicles speed, avoiding dangerous situations, especially for two wheels vehicles, and reduce the damage to who passed by at normal speed.

Completely made of vulcanized rubber movable modular parts.

The upper surface has particular non-slippery surface raised studs.

Fixed to the ground by expansion screws and Bone Connector.

Attractive, slip-resistant surface for sure-footed frication

The particular size of the modular parts can be used to meet any road.

High-Intensity Reflective Pedestrian Crossing Sign provides Better Night Visibility.
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Model No Dimension Parts Weight Accessories
DH-PC[6X3] 6Meter X 3Meter 20 x Black Middle
20 x White Middle
28 x End Cap
4 x Corner Piece
1100kg “I” Connector
Screws Caps
DH-PC[7X4] 7Meter X 4Meter 42 x Black Middle
42 x White Middle
40 x End Cap
4 x Corner Piece
1880kg “I” Connector
Screws Caps

Separate Parts Spec:

Model No Part Dimension Weight Accessories
PC-B Black Middle 500x500x70mm 15kg
PC-W White Middle 500x500x70mm 15kg “I”Connector
PC-E End Cap 500x500x70mm 10kg Screws Caps 
PC-R Corner 500x500x70mm 10kg