Reflective Kerb Ramp

Reflective Kerb Ramp (1)

Curb Ramps The sloped end sections allow vehicles to hit the ramp from almost any angle. A solid solution for ramping curbs or small rises for lighter applications such as wheeled carts, bicycles, and lawn equipment, especially where space is limited. A perfect solution for easy to set up temporary ramping, and include cutouts for permanent mounting.
Huge 60,000 lb capacity

Curb Ramps High visibility reflective surface

Curb Ramps Ribbed for traction in all weather conditions

Use individually or link in line to form a longer, ramp

Large stock of kerb ramps held for next day delivery

Modular design with male/female connectors to create custom lengths

Mounting holes for permanent applications

Lifetime Guarantee on the highly durable anti-slip surface

Light Reflectors built in to some ramps

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Model No Part Length Width Height Weight
DH-UP-1M Middle 600mm 300mm 100mm 11kg
DH-UP-1E End Cap 300mm 300mm 100mm 3.5kg
DH-UP-2M Middle 600mm 360mm 150mm 16kg
DH-UP-2E End Cap 360mm 360mm 150mm 6.0kg
DH-UP-3M Middle 600mm 450mm 200mm 30kg
DH-UP-3E End Cap 450mm 450mm 200mm 14kg