PU Flexible Post [Single Piece]

PU Flexible Post [Single Piece] -2

The PU Flexible Post is used to guide traffic or to provide warning of approaching hazards. You can use the Plastic Flexible Post in any situation where you must separate the traffic simply and safely. The Flexible Post can be fitted in cat eyes or simply bolted to the floor using the base. It will allow emergency services to travel over them when needed which makes it the most suitable option for separating traffic on busy public roads.

Warning post, Road warning post, Spring post, Warning bollard, Delineator post.
Mixed with high-quality pigment and Anti-UV additive.
It is sunproof, waterproof, heat-resistant, old-resistant,non-rimous, colorfast and so on.
Hi-Vision reflective material.
Can be installed in numerous manners and will withstand the continuous impacts of vehicles.
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Model No Height Base Width Post Diameter Weight Bearing Weight
DH-FP-45 450MM 200MM 100MM 0.8kg 10,000kg
DH-FP-80 750MM 200MM 100MM 1.3kg 10,000kg