Preformed Ground Marking

Preformed Ground Marking (4)

Ground Marking use on your parking lot without tools.

Ground MarkingQuick and easy application with asheisve;
no special equipment required;
high durability in all climatic conditions;
highly resistant to snow, ice, salt and oil, suitable for all road surfaces and traffic conditions;
30% premixed glass beads in approx. 2,5 mm thick material layer for high retroreflection during the life time;
special Drop-On-Material* on the surface for higher retroreflection and skid resistance;
high quality road floor marking tape for preformed ground marking.

Road marking tape are Embedded micro glass beads both on surface and body and has a durable,reflective & skidproof effect. Designed to stripe asphalt parking lots,roads,bike paths and any other area where the road will subject to heavy traffic flow and high visibility delineation is needed.

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