Plastic Chain

Plastic Chain -2

Plastic Chain Measured from outer edge to outer edge, lengthwise.

Standard: Available for your special requirements.

Size and specification: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm Available for your special requirements.

Plastic Chain Suitable for road signaling, security signaling, railways, playgrounds, sports grounds, airports, camping sites, swimming pools, fashion, clothes, industry, retail display, etc.

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Model No Diameter Unit Size Length Weight/Roll Color
PC-4 4mm 25x18mm 50Meter/Roll 2.0kg Red/White
PC-6 6mm 41x21mm 50Meter/Roll 3.1kg Red/White
PC-8 8mm 50x26mm 50Meter/Roll 5.5kg  Red/White
PC-10 10mm 54x39mm 25Meter/Roll 5.2kg Red/White