Pedestrian Crossing Island

Pedestrian Crossing Island (6)

Pedestrian Crossing Island is completely made of vulcanized rubber and is designed as movable modular parts.
The upper surface has particular non-slippery surface raised stud.
Fixed to the ground by expansion screws and Bone Connector.
The particular size of the modular parts can be used to meet any road.
High-Intensity Reflective Pedestrian Crossing Sign Provide Better Night Visibility.

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Model No Dimension Parts Accessories
DH-PCI[2X2] 2Meter X 2Meter 4 x Middle
8 x End Cap
4 x Corner Piece
24 x”I” Connector
64 x Screws Caps
DH-PCI[3X3] 3Meter X 3Meter 16 x Middle
16 x End Cap
4 x Corner Piece
60 x”I” Connector
144 x Screws Caps

Separate Parts Spec:

Model No Part Dimension Weight Accessories
PCI-M Middle 500x500x70mm 15kg “I”Connector
PCI-E End Cap 500x500x70mm 15kg Screws Caps
PCI-R Corner 500x500x70mm 10kg