Orange Base Collapsible Cone

Orange Base Collapsible Cone-2

Collapsible Cone is small in size, easy to operate and easy to carry. The vertebral body is waterproof and reflective Oxford cloth. It is flexible and reflective. It has the advantages of anti-aging, heat resistance, cold resistance, no cracking, no discoloration and long service life. Reflective tape, excellent reflection at night, the base is made of PE material. The lightfastness is (highest level) 8.5. -40~70°C, no brittle cracking and softening when used, and weather resistance >2 years.

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Model No Base Width Expand height Folding height Weight
DH-RRC-70 34.5*34.5CM 71CM 5CM 1.2KG
DH-RRC-50 29*29CM 51CM 5CM 0.8KG