Mud Ground Reinforce


Ground Reinforce is made of high-strength HDPE , which are welded into a piece of netty cell structure,
Ground Reinforce can be stretched out and folded easily. It can be folded in course of conveyance while being stretched out;
soil, stone or concrete can be filled into it, which will become a structure body with big side restriction and
high strength. It can be used as a cushion to deal with weak foundation increasing the load capacity, and
can also be laid on the slope to be made up the protecting structure.
Ground Reinforce purpose
1.Make reinforcement treatment for soft soil foundation
2.Protect steep slope
3.Used in highway,railway,airport,wharf
4.Especially in airslaked mountain ,desert and swamp land etc.

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Model No Length Width Height Weight Material
DH-GR-1 410mm 390mm 38mm 0.4KG HDPE
DH-GR-2 410mm 390mm 50mm 0.5KG HDPE
DH-GR-3 410mm 390mm 70mm 0.7KG HDPE