Message Cone

Message Cone-2

The Message Cone & caution cone improves visibility by being taller than a standard A board warning sign and by having a larger red / Yellow sign on the top of it.
A unique locking mechanism prevents the sign from collapsing until it is folded up for easy storage
Ideal for clearly marking potential hazards
Plastic folding safety sign printed on both sides.
Lightweight, versatile sign are excellent for effective safety communication with employees or customers. 2-sided sign folds easily for storage.

Any other Text could be custom-made.
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Model No Name Width Height Weight Color
DH-FC-N No Parking Floor Cone 280mm 670mm 1.1kg Yellow
DH-FC-P Parking Floor Cone 280mm 670mm 1.1kg Yellow
DH-FC-W Wet Floor Cone 280mm 670mm 1.1kg  Yellow
DH-FC-SIGN Top Sign 260mm 260mm 0.2kg Yellow