Light Duty Mud Ground Mat

Light Duty Mud Ground Mat (3)

Light Mud Ground Mat Specifically designed for outdoor, Mud Ground Mat effectively protects grass and other vulnerable surfaces from heavy vehicles and construction equipment, and reduces erosion damage caused by dense and repetitive traffic flow.
Light Ground Mat Our Pathway is the ideal grass protection for temporary pedestrian footfall and can also be used for marquees, dance floors and other uses alike.
Light Ground Mat Also they are ideal for ground protection and pedestrian foot paths over soft or sensitive ground, sand ,mud,turf,marshy areas at any even.
A superior alternative to plywood and steel,Waytop Light duty ground mats will not warp,rot,crack,delaminate or adsord harmful chemicals.Made of a special HDPE.plastic flexible access protect turf from damage hdpe reusable lightweight ground mat

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Model No Length Width Height Weight Load Capacity
DH-GM-2 2000mm 500mm 40mm 20KG 10Tons