Lane Separator With Flexible Post

Lane Separator With Flexible Post-2

The extensible traffic lane separator is made by two parts : Rubber base + PU flexible post;
Outstanding road grip by the skid-resistant base-studs ;
Can be used to indicate lane separation, cycle lanes, parking bay indication, tramways, protect tunnel walls, underground passages (due to reflective panels), marking of traffic lanes in carpark entrance and exit ramps etc.
The post assembled by the pre-installed interlock on the rubber base.
This system can be used to separate lanes or areas, preventing vehicles from entering into an area or changing lanes. Reflective posts or panels have a quick release system allowing easy removal/installation. Can be permanently fixed, or loose laid for temporary situations.

Model No Length Width Height Post Height Post Dia Weight Color
DH-TS-12M[75P] 112cm 25cm 8.5cm 75cm 8cm 15.8kg Black/Yellow
DH-TS-12M[100P] 112cm 25cm 8.5cm 100cm 8cm 16.2kg Black/Yellow