General Speed Hump

Speed Hump [Ordinary style]-2

General Speed Hump is relatively easy for bicycles to cross because of the appropriate design.

Its modular design makes it quick and easy to install.

Available in Black and Yellow combination for greater visibility.

UV, moisture and temperature resistance.

The modular design provides flexibility to suit any size of the road.

Reflectors and glass elements provide better night visibility.

Speed Bumps are grooved for drainage of the rainwater.

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Model No Part Length Width Height Weight
DH-215M Middle 500mm 350mm 50mm 8.0kg
DH-215E End Cap 250mm 350mm 50mm 4.0kg
DH-217M Middle 250mm 350mm 50mm  4.0kg
DH-217E End Cap 250mm 350mm 50mm 4.0kg