Gate Work Barrier With Rubber Feet

Gate Work Barrier With Rubber Feet-6

Gate Work Barrier is very convenient, the linking mechanism also means that the ends of each barrier can be clipped together to form a complete circuit if necessary. When not in use, the panels of each barrier fold together in order to allow for easier handling and compact storage.

● Manufactured from HDPE making it lightweight and rust-free.
● Easily folds for quick deployment.
● Supplied as 3 or 4 gate version, linked together with black clip on hinges.
● Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Special design on the connectors can be turned 360 degrees;
Convenient for stacking them together, packing and transporting;
Used at construction sites;
Any color can be made.

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Model No Length Height Thickness Weight
DH-EB-8 125cm 100cm 15cm 20kg