Flowing Base Traffic Cone

Flowing Base Traffic Cone -2

Flowing Base Traffic Cone is made up of Fluorescence Orange PVC Cone Body and Recycle PVC Black Base Inside. The two parts interlock as a single inseparable piece, and would not separate even Heavy truck run over them. Also, High-density base creates low center of gravity for maximum stability. Flowing Cover Base Flowing Locking Design for Hiding the base INSIDE Fluorescence Orange with 2 years warranty. The Same Outline As Solid Orange Cone Meet American MUTCD standard.

Model No Height Base Width Cone Diameter Weight Standard Reflex
DH-TC-30WC 300mm 220mm 140mm 0.6kg No Reflex
DH-TC-45WC 450mm 280mm 190mm 3.1kg 150mm Reflex
DH-TC-70WC 710mm 360mm 260mm 3.1kg  150mm +100mm Reflex
DH-TC-90WC 910mm 360mm 260mm 4.5kg 150mm +100mm Reflex
DH-TC-90WBC 910mm 360mm 260mm 5.5kg 150mm +100mm Reflex