Flexible Chevron Delineator Panel

Collapsible Chevron Delineator Panel-2

The Chevron Delineator Panel is made of UPVC Panel, Rubber Base and Reflective Arrow Sheeting. The Collapsible Chevron Delineators are an economical means of showing any lateral change of direction of the traveled path through a worksite and to delineate hazards and non-trafficable work areas adjacent to the traveled way.

The Collapsible Chevron Delineator is easily mounted in weighted 12kg rubber Square bases, alternatively, they can be held in place by sandbags or hot-dipped galvanized steel anchors. They come in 1000mm high x 120mm wide x 4mm thick (c/w 200mm foot)and the retroreflective yellow & black arrows are available in either left or right direction.

The Collapsible Chevron Delineator is supplied in quantities, can b order and can be manufactured to various heights.
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Model No Height Base Width Panel Width Base Weight Total Weight
DH-VB-4 1100mm 540mm
250mm 12kg 14kg