Extensible Threshold Ramp 0 – 10CM  

Extensible Threshold Ramp 0 - 10CM (3)

New-developed HDPE assembled blow mold Extensible Threshold Ramp ,customer-logo allowed,could be used at different locations.
Using to bicycle, wheelchair’s ramp (Roadway <-> Sidewalk);Easy to install / move and sustain performance of strength force up to 15 ton; Available to keep the vehicle inside and using to install for emergency situation;Get out to the mud & water hazard.High performance of face grip and high brightness reflective sheet on the product;

Features and Advantages:
1.Smaller parts for easier transportation and saving shipping space.
2.Anti-slip surface.Anti-slip pad at the back side Underside has ribbed framework for added strength
3. Two installation holes on each piece
4. Enter-lock design
5. High production-efficiency 6. Easier for replacement
6.Ramp design helps slowing down traffic for increased safety.
7. Trench pin system available with the product to enhance lateral stability
8.Wider design makes it ideal for driveway access
9.Stronger than a wooden plate

Model No Width Height Options Length Options Weight
DH-APTR-10 90CM 2,4,6,8,10CM 16,36,56,76CM Around 1Kg each Part