Extensible c

Assemble Curb Ramp (7)

Extensible Hose Ramp Assembling Cable/Hose ramp is used for protecting hose and electric conductor.
It is made up of different parts(rubber and steel) and can pass large cables, four styles for your choice.
Can be assembled to any length if there are many cables together.

Extensible Hose Ramp feature:
1. Rubber kerb ramp makes it easy for cars to go up and go down.
2. Made from synthetic rubber, reflective road ramp is equipped with strong elasticity, wanton combination.
3. Rubber curb ramp adopts high quality synthetic rubber, mixed with natural rubber, reclaimed rubber, and etc.

Model No Length Width Height
DH-AHR-Part-1 350mm 375mm 100mm
DH-AHR-Part-2 350mm 375mm 100mm
DH-AHR-Part-3 110mm 80mm 100mm
DH-AHR-Part-4 460mm 200mm 150mm
DH-AHR-Part-5 190mm 275mm 100mm
DH-AHR-Part-6 530mm 270mm 150mm