European Solid Orange Traffic Cone

European Solid Orange Traffic Cone-2

European Solid Orange Traffic Cone is made of soft PVC plastic. Available in different sizes. Available in all bright colors.

Marked cones with holes made up of strong plastic vinyl. Available in different heights.

Colored multi-use half cone made of LDPE, available in five colors red, yellow.

Along with strong durability, cones are stackable for easy storage and are usable indoors or outdoors.

Fitted with heavyweight bases at the bottom, these cones remain steady even in gusty weather and in cases of mild collisions.

Model No Height Base Width Cone Diameter Total Weight Standard Reflex
DH-TC-30R 300mm 220mm 140mm 0.7kg 100mm Reflex
DH-TC-50R 500mm 270mm 190mm 1.0kg 100mm+100mm Reflex
DH-TC-52R 520mm 270mm 285mm 1.2kg 100mm+100mm Reflex
DH-TC-75RL 750mm 360mm 260mm 2.3kg 150mm+150mm Reflex
DH-TC-75R 750mm 400mm 280mm 4.2kg 150mm+150mm Reflex