European Black Base Traffic Cone

European Black Base Traffic Cone-2

Traffic Cone made of PVC, flexible and firmer, can withstand vehicle running over.

Anti-UV, fading resistant and no ageing.

Fluorescent orange, high visibility.

With high intensity of reflective stripe on it, can be seen in the night.

Reasonable design, the cone can be stacked one by one.

Model No Height[mm] Base Width Cone Diameter Weight Feature
DH-TC-50 500mm 285mm 200mm 2.3kg Wide Body + Heavy Weight
DH-TC-75L 750mm 400mm 280mm 3.2kg Wide Body + Light Weight
DH-TC-75 750mm 400mm 280mm 4.2kg Wide Body + Medium Weight
DH-TC-75B 750mm 400mm 280mm 5.0kg Wide Body + Heavy Weight
DH-TC-100L 1000mm 500mm 320mm 5.0kg Wide Body + Light Weight/td>
DH-TC-100 1000mm 500mm 320mm 6.0kg Wide Body + Medium Weight
DH-TC-100B 1000mm 500mm 320mm 7.5kg Wide Body + Heavy Weight