Collapsible Speed Bump 4CM Height

Collapsible Speed Bump 4CM Height-2

Collapsible Speed Bump is made from durable PU materials that have all the benefits of stationary speed bumps, but can be rolled up and moved from one location to another in seconds.

Collapsible Cable Cover is a quick and easy solution to cable management. The durable polyurethane is ideal for heavy traffic. The Collapsible system saves a lot of storage space and could be expanded to 3M Length easily. These drop over cable covers are a fast and effective way of protecting small cables and cords in shop, Warehouse and Road.

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Model No Expand Length Width Height Channel Collapsible Size Weight Weight Capacity Color
DH-PSP-3 3M 300MM 40MM 38x10mm x2 500x320x300mm 18kg 20Tons Yellow/Black