Collapsible Rumble Stripe

PU Portable Speed Hump-2

Eastsea Portable Speed Hump is made from durable PU materials that have all the benefits of stationary speed bumps, but can be rolled up and moved from one location to another in seconds.

Installation easily, no screws/adhesive required.
Highly visible and reflective at night.
Usable in all weather conditions.
Can withstand any size of the vehicle.
Easy to remove and roll up, put back into carrying case.
Polyurethane raw materials.

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Model No Max Length Fold Length Width Height Weight Materials Fold Size Bearing Capacity
DH-PSP-1 3000mm 360mm 250mm 25mm 12Kg TPU 360X250X310mm 20 Tons
DH-NCCR-1 3000mm 500mm 300mm 40mm 16Kg TPU 500X400X300mm 20 Tons
DH-NCCR-2 3000mm 360mm 350mm 50mm 18Kg TPU 500X500X350mm 20 Tons