Blowing Expandable Barrier

Blowing Expandable Barrier -22


The Blowing Expandable Barrier is lightweight and easy to carry, you can adjust the length according to the actual work request.

Side stent design to increase water injection weight, improve the stable performance when the product is expanding statue.

Adjustable stem position among paste high brightness reflective material, greatly improving the safety warning role of products in the process of using.

The retractable traffic barrier is especially suitable for temporary construction, equipment maintenance, emergency scene and other places that need to be isolate.


the maximum length is 2.5 m.

Compact and lightweight.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Designed with extruded Aluminum slats.

Available Red & white or black & yellow.

Wheels possible in the bottom, it can be put on or take off.

Customized sizes and colors are acceptable.

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Model No Min Length Max Length Height Width Weight Color
DH-EB-3N 110mm 2300mm 940mm 440mm 7.5kg Red/White