Blow-Molded Stop/Slow Paddle

Blow-Molded Slow-Stop Paddle-2

Blow-Mould Stop/Slow Paddle

why should we need it
The existing stop/slow paddle on the market are all spliced, which are easy to lose parts during use. Some paddles even use wooden handles, are easily damaged. And most of the paddles do not use high-quality reflective sheeting, the reflection effect is very poor at night and does not play an early warning function. In response to this situation, BESEA Technology has changed the traditional stop/slow paddle and designed and manufactured a brand new first generation blow-mould stop/slow paddle.

The new stop/slow paddle adopts blow moulding technology, one-piece molding, beautifully shaped. Made of PP material, overall light and heat resistant ,strong chemical resistance.The stop/slow paddle appears yellow as a whole, the dimension is 60*45cm, and the film area is an octagonal, which is very eye-catching. It has a strong warning effect during actual use and the effect is remarkable.

Ergonomic handle
The paddles’ handle is ergonomically designed, presenting an ellipsoid shape, which is very comfortable to hold, and because the overall weight is light, it can reduce the fatigue caused by holding for a long time. Two anti-slip rubbers are attached to the handle, reducing slipping caused by sweating of palms or used in a rainy day. Compared with traditional wooden sticks and plastic cylindrical handles, our stop/slow paddle does make up for the shortcomings as much as possible, improve the user experience, and let the staff work better.

3M Reflective Sheeting
The stop/slow paddle is affixed with two 3M High-Intensity Prismatic or Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting . The excellent reflective effect of the reflective sheeting allow you to use the paddle at night. Two levels of reflective sheeting provide different purchase options, but we firmly believe that between quality and price, quality is priority in traffic safety industry. We tried our best to make a reasonable combination, reducing the cost of safety equipment, but ensuring the benefits of safety activities.

Here is the link shows our cooperation with 3M manufacture We Got 3M Reflective Tape

Model No Length Weight Thickness Color
DH-SSP-40 640MM 390MM 30MM Yellow/black, White/Red