Belgium Speed Cushion

Belgium Speed Cushion-2

Belgium Speed Cushion is made from durable recycled rubber.

Widely install it in the middle of road to prevent vehicles from over speed.

Modular design makes it easy to transport and install, usually 6 or 8 pieces a set.

Three different colors for customer choice and free combination.

High-quality EPDM rubber and glass reflector provide high visibility at night.

Including bone connector and screw caps.

Model No Length Width Height Weight Set
DH-SP-4GB[3M] 3000mm 1800mm 65mm 300kg 6 pieces per set
DH-SP-4GR[3M] 3000mm 1800mm 65mm 300kg 6 pieces per set
DH-SP-4GB[2M] 2000mm 1800mm 65mm 200kg  8 pieces per set
DH-SP-4GR[2M] 2000mm 1800mm 65mm 200kg 8 pieces per set