Barricade Light

Barricade Light-2

The new case is rugged and durable (co-polymer) and has a breakaway internal handle.

Barricade Light is easy to service these units as the case is snap-lock and batteries are positioned vertically.

To install the batteries simply drop the D cells into the light base and snap-lock the base closed.

Barricade Light Because of the design of the case, you can be sure that it will stay closed during transportation and/or rough handling of the lights.

Internal damage is reduced via impact absorbing breakaway candles.

Trouble-free operation due to reliable moisture-proof circuitry as well as bright and dependable LED’s.

Light can operate on 2 or 4“D”cell batteries.

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Model No Height Length Width Light Source Drive Mode Color
BL-4 330mm 180mm 75mm 6LED Dry Battery Yellow/Red