Assemble Flexible Post

Ultra Durable Assemble Plastic Flexible Post-2

Plastic Flexible Post is made of special TPU, and through a special process. It can go back to the original state very quickly after be impacted by force. It widely used in the entrance of the city, pavement or used as separator of constructions. It can warn the drivers effectively, even if the vehicles bump the warning post, there will no second hurt. The white and red colors are very attractive in the day, and in the night, the reflective collar /film will reflect to catch the attention of the drivers.

Saving 50% Freight fee for Importing and Distributing;
Double Bearing Capacity than Single-Piece Design traditional Flexible Post;
Patented Interlock Design of Post and Base;
Easy replacement of Upper Post only with no special equipment;

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Model No Height Base Width Post Dia Weight Bearing Capacity
DH-AFP-75 750mm 200mm 80mm 1.5kg 40,000kg Truck
DH-AFP-100 1000mm 200mm 80mm 1.8kg 40,000kg Truck