Arrow Speed Hump 1 Meter Width

Arrow Speed Hump 1Meter Width-2

The Arrow Speed Hump & Speed Ramp are designed for heavy traffic roads in High-Class Markets. The wide yellow rubber section and white reflector provide maximal visibility to drivers in the day & night.
Further More, the wide body speed bump helps the car/truck run over the speed hump smoothly without severe shock.
Black & Yellow color combination for greater warning effective.
Moisture & temperature resistance.
Arrow Shape Reflectors provide better night vision.
Anti-Skip Pattern design surface.
Non-Fade EPDM Rubber Molded.
Designed for Extra Heavy Duty Traffic Application.

Model No Part Length Width Height Weight
DH-SP-5M Middle 500mm 1000mm 75mm 23kg
DH-SP-5E End Cap 250mm 1000mm 75mm 9.0kg