70CM Round Foldable Sign

Foldable Round Sign (2)

The collapsible plastic traffic sign is a temporary road sign. Unlike metal signposts, the Foldable round sign is made of HDPE and does not rust. The sign is a very rugged logo that is ideal for use on the road. Round Sign is Although light in weight, the angle design is perfect for aerodynamic design, giving the wind a strong resistance to movement. The clever leg mechanism reduces deployment time and ensures rapid deployment of deployers. The aluminum plate is also provided with a buckle for quick replacement of fixed reflective sign.

1. Foldable, easy to install and easy to carry
2. Buckle design, easy to change the sign
3. It can be used by filling water or pressing sandbags as needed
4. Suitable for round sign

Model Unfolded Height Unfolded Length Thickness Folding Width Fold Length Net Weight Filled With Water
DH-QSign-R-70 1000MM 750MM 70MM 720MM 1070MM 6KG 16KG