6 Foot Speed Bump

6 Foot Speed Bump-2

Our 6 Foot Speed Bump is made from new material rubber.The speed bump resists damage from chemicals or weather. Our recycled plastic bump is an ongoing commitment to a Green Sustainable Environmental and Eco-friendly lifestyle.

  • Center sections fit together to span the width of any road;
  • Flat top for safer walking surface;
  • Safe for emergency vehicles;
  • Skid resistant surface;
  • Encourages safe driving speeds;
  • Speedy modular assembly saves on labor;
  • Can withstand truck traffic;
  • Embedded reflective tape;
  • Designed for high traffic volume;

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Model No Part Length Width Height Weight
DH-SP-26M Middle 1830mm 300mm 50mm 22kg
DH-SP-26E End Cap 190mm 300mm 50mm 2kg