3Foot Wheel Stop

3Foot Wheel Stop (2)

Car Wheel Stop are manufactured from recycled rubber and are very durable,incorporating hi-vis reflectors on each end to enhance visibility. These Wheel Stops are ideal for use in parking buildings, shopping centres, airports, stadiums,commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and hotels.

Manufactured from recycled rubber
Constructed from durable materials that will not crack, chip or rot
Flexible to conform to any road surface
Hi-vis reflectors on the sides and ends provide extra visibility


1. Environmentally friendly – made from rubber
2. Applicable to different wheels of big and small vehicles.
3. Light weight for easily installed
4. Prevent cars from bumping the walls or other parking bays.
5. Organize the parking lots for better traffic flow and reduce the accidents.

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Model No Length Width Height Weight Reflector Color
DH-PB-5 900mm 150mm 100mm 7.0kg Bead Tape Black/Yellow