36″ Flexi-Guide Delineator Posts FG300


Product Performance:

  • The application of 3M flexible prism reflective technology greatly improves visibility and distance in the night;
  • Excellent thermal stability, no brittleness under low temperature conditions, and no softening under high temperature conditions;
  • Anti-ultraviolet formula, with good color retention and aging resistance;
  • Removable base, replaceable pole part, easy to install, low maintenance cost;
  • The heavy base can effectively lower the center of gravity and achieve the best balance and stability
  • Flexible material, which can be restored after collision without causing secondary damage
Model No Height Base size Post diameter Weight
DH-EFP-90 900mm 204mm 70mm 1.435kg
DH-EFP-120 1200mm 204mm 75mm 1.160kg